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Call 855.485.QIRT for more information

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Higher accuracy can aid in your therapy reduction assessments. 

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Outsourced ICD-10 Coding | OASIS and MDS Assessments

QIRT Quality is the Gold Standard in coding, assessments, and audits for the post-acute industry.

QIRT's cutting edge technology streamlines home health and hospice coding and the OASIS process by performing real-time audits. QIRT experts apply the same quality standards to coding and MDS reviews in skilled nursing facilities.

Expedited reimbursement. Accurate data collection. Smooth workflow process. 

External Coding Review

Home Care | Hospice | Skilled Nursing Facility

  • QIRT certified auditors validate home health or hospice agency selection of  ICD-10 codes to prevent denied claims.  
  • Innovative QIRT Advantage Platform provides reports that identify home health coding trends and aid collaboration with clinicians.
  • Request a sample review by QIRT’s experienced auditors on a sampling of completed staff work.  

Outsourced Coding and OASIS 

Real-time coding 24/7/365 - Certified auditors review history and physical/referral information of the patient, pertinent OASIS questions, and medication profile.

Accurate reimbursement - Clinical and experienced auditors review documentation in the patient record to ensure that the episode of care is appropriate for billing. 

Improved revenue cycle – Reports track the reimbursements owed to your company. 

  • QIRT certified auditors validate home care or hospice agency ICD-10 code selection to prevent denied claims. 
  • Innovative QIRT Advantage Platform provides reports to identify trends and aid collaboration. 
  • Chart reviews (including OASIS/485, appropriate PDGM grouping and sequencing, and reimbursement) ascertain strengths and challenges with documentation and clinical judgment within a healthcare agency. 



With QIRT, agencies make use of our unique, innovative system to aquire information in REAL TIME: it all sits right on the dashboard at different levels of access for executives, clinicians, and auditors.  Learn more.


QIRT auditors communicate directly with agency clinicians on the QIRT Advantage Platform. We provide additional education which results in improved of workflows and clinician satisfaction, the ability to lock accurate documents, and expedited billing cycles.  ​


Fast Facts:

  • QIRT Advantage Platform provides powerful agency management dashboards and value-based impact codes. 
  • Why Outsource?   Improved Outcomes  |  Increased Reimbursement  |  Excellent ROI

My agency has a large number of cases in need of quality audits, does QIRT offer discounts for volume?
Yes, one core QIRT belief is that agencies should not spend more time or money than necessary to deliver value. Volume discounts are available.

What are the certification levels required for QIRT auditors?
All QIRT auditors are HCS-D (ICD-10) and OASIS certified (HCS-O/COS-C). QIRT employs the finest auditors nationwide, and all are certified in ICD-10 coding and OASIS review. Vetting and continued oversight of auditing staff allows QIRT to continue to employ the best of the best.

What are the average return times for reports?
QIRT Quality is proud to provide 3 day turnaround for OASIS/coding and 2 day turnaround for coding. Turnaround times are monitored and reports issued. While these timelines are QIRT standards, QIRT auditors often provide turnaround times even quicker than that!

  •  Coding only
  • Integrated Medical Review (OASIS/485)
  • Hospice Coding - Primary Diagnosis
  • Hospice Eligibility - Documentation and comprehensive assessment
  • Quality assurance audits • Documentation audits for new staff
  • Managed Long Term Care coding and assessment reviews (MDS)
  • Pre-bill audits for home care/hospice


QIRT reviews the 485 and OASIS to ensure continuity across documents

QIRT variable costs and established billing plan is cost effective and predictable

Return on investment for QIRT customers over time averages 600%, and has reached as high as 900% in some cases


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QIRT leads the post-acute industry in coding, billing, and consulting. Serving agencies across the United States, QIRT provides multi-level coding/MDS/UAS reviews, quality assurance, appeals, outsourced billing, consulting, and education.

15 Verbena Avenue, Suite 210, Floral Park, NY 11001

855.485.QIRT (7478)

855.485.QIRT (7478)

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