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QIRT Advantage Platform Tips

The QIRT Advantage Platform has tools and reports available all the time - you only need to know where to look. These tips will help you make the most of this tool so that you truly get the QIRT ADVANTAGE.

Tip #1 Clinician Correction Rate

Have you ever wondered how clinician correction rates compare within your agency? 

Or how they compare with other agencies?

Have you ever wanted to understand more about how your clinicians enter their codes? 

Did you know that pinpointing clinician error can help your agency pinpoint education needs and ultimately lead to quality improvements?

QIRT Advantage Platform automatically tracks clinician correction rates at individual and agency levels. Make use of the QIRT Benchmark to compare your agency's rates with those of other agencies working with QIRT, then determine where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Find this valuable tool on QIRT Advantage Platform under Reports >> Clinician Correction to gain the insight your agency needs to perform corrective action, improve quality outcomes, and reduce corrections, all of which will increase turn-around times.

Tip #2  Customize Case Screen Columns


On the QIRT Advantage Platform, the SHOW/HIDE COLUMNS Tool allows users to customize the columns on the Cases Screen. 

When you are logged in, click on the SHOW/HIDE COLUMNS button on the right side of the screen to select which columns you want to see. Your column preferences will stay when you leave the page or log out and you will be able to update them when you need more or less information. Take a look at the options on the right and choose the options that best suit your screen size and workflow needs.

Tip #3  Financial Analysis Report

The power is in your hands. 

No more waiting until the end of the month, QIRT Advantage Platform puts the information at your fingertips when you need it. Fine tune your analysis of HHRG Corrections to Clinical Scores, Functional Scores, and Reimbursement Payments. 

Have several agencies or locations? No problem, QIRT Advantage's Financial Reports can track those and compare them as well.

Knowledge is power. 

Use this tool to identify strengths and fine-tune weaknesses, then address with clinician education if necessary to achieve accurate scores and appropriate reimbursement. See the sample reports below, then head to the Platform to see how your agency is measuring up.


Tip #4 Clinician Response Dashboard

All home care and hospice agencies realize they are on the clock from the instant the clinician steps foot over the threshold until the case is sent out for billing. During that time frame, cases are treated, coded, reviewed, corrected, receive recommendations, and reviewed again. QIRT Advantage Platform's Clinician Response Dashboard tracks progress along the life of an individual case, giving agencies an accurate portrayal of clinician/auditor interaction.

The Clinician Response Dashboard also provides comparative graphs for an indication of other clinicians' or agencies' average responsiveness. This helps determine how timely clinicians are responding to QIRT auditors recommendations and corrections. Identifying lags in timeliness allows for correction within the agency and ultimately decreases overall time-to-bill.

Tip #5 QIRT Alerts Blog

This tip is not actually Platform related, but it is another QIRT Advantage. The QIRT Alerts Blog is updated regularly with information relevant to your agency. Posts include expert interpretations of CMS policy releases, compliance and billing solutions, education for coders, and more. All posts are archived and accessible at any time to your agency staff.  

Be sure to make optimal use of QIRT experts'  information!

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